Wednesday, August 26, 2009

enjoying a rare Wednesday off...

I'm enjoying a rare Wednesday off today.

My usual day off at church is Friday. It's that day primarily because that's the day that everyone else takes off. I would much rather have a day earlier in the week... like Monday (but that's Staff meeting day)... because I would feel more at ease about ignoring phone calls, emails and texts if I knew that I had the rest of the week to deal with "whatever."

But I am enjoying this Wednesday off. I switched my day to today because of our Fall Kickoff event "Messfest" on Saturday night. My day will be spent tilling up the pit and dragging garden hoses around to make sure that it is getting sufficient water to make mud soup. And Saturday will be spent getting ready for the festivities.

So, today is my day off... and it's feeling pretty good.


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