Saturday, October 23, 2010

Month of Wisdom - October 23

This weekend I'm going to shoot a video with our kids for Family Weekend.  Since I had never used the camera before, I retrieved it so we could spend some time getting to know each other. 

As we spent some time together, I noticed a small blinking icon on the screen that I couldn't identify.  No matter what I did... no matter what I tried... it continued to blink.  The camera would record.  It would play back.  It would do all things that it was supposed to do but the icon wouldn't go away.

Problem was: there was no instruction manual.  So I couldn't identify what the camera was trying to tell me. 

It's always amazing how many times I get a new piece of tech and I immediately begin to use it without spending any time with the instruction manual.  Not until something goes wrong, do I go back to the manual to see what's up.  Sometimes, I could have avoided a problem if I would have just read the manual first. 

Solomon's advice: Check out the instruction manual first...

Proverbs 23:12 (NIV)
 12 Apply your heart to instruction
       and your ears to words of knowledge.


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