Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

Lately I've been checking out a few blogs that recap their students' weekend service.  Sometimes I get ideas from them... sometimes not.  But I got to thinking this morning that those of you who read here regularly... and are youth workers... might be interested in some ideas and where they came from. 

So... Here's our weekend in review:
  • Showed a little Switchfoot this weekend... The Sound (which is currently the highest played song in my iTunes library... maybe even if your's... at 57 total plays since May)
  • Played a quick random participant game at the beginning called "Bucket Ball"... got the idea from "Game On Volume 1" HERE ... Gave away 4 boxes of movie-theater candy!
  • We're advertising a couple of upcoming events...
  • Worship Team #1 (of 2) led... Set List:  I Am Free, One Way, His Name is Love, We Will Dance
  • No videos this weekend... aside from Switchfoot music video countdown.
  • This weekend was an in between week for us series-wise.  From time to time we have an off-series weekend that isn't part of what we are teaching through.  We do this in case our regular series gets bumped for some reason or we have a night off (unexpectedly) for another church event.  So rather than teach, we had a de-stress your life night.  We served up grilled cheese sandwiches, chips and sodas to everyone who was there and broke out some board games.  We encouraged our students to relax and have some fun in the midst of a busy sports and school time.  (I jumped in... but lost... in a mean game of Monopoly!)
  • In two weekends (no Awake next weekend because of the All Church Fall Feastival), we'll start a three weekend series called "Friendship 101."
All in all, it was a great weekend.  Attendance was great!  Saw some new faces that we hadn't seen in a while. The band was rockin'! Folks grabbed a grilled cheese and a board game and relaxed.  Plus, it gave our table leaders a chance to interact with students they don't normally talk to because they don't normally sit at their table.

It was a great weekend!

Good stuff!


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