Thursday, October 28, 2010

Need a running montra... creepy...

I was reading one of my regular blogs on running...

And I stumbled on THIS!!! It's hilarious and creepy!!!  Thanks Mark Remy!

"It's official. We are now squarely in the middle of fall marathon season: Marine Corps is this Sunday, New York City is next weekend, then Richmond, then Philly, just to name a few.
And we all know that a mantra — a word or phrase that you can repeat to yourself to fend off tedium or weakness or pain — can be an invaluable tool while running a marathon.
Well, I happened to stumble across what may be the best mantra in the world, as I flipped through the Sunday paper last weekend. (Who says print is dead?)

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I give you your mantra, guaranteed to get you through those rough patches:

Mollie the Most Incredibly Lifelike Orangutan Toddler Ever
Is Chasing Me…"

Now, go and check out the LINK.  You won't be sorry!


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