Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Book #3... Other half...

Recently, I blogged about having read half of the third book. This morning, I finished off the othr half of what I am counting as my third book of 2008...

"Kurt and Scott's Junior High Adventure" by Kurt Johnston (Saddleback) and Scott Rubin (Willow Creek).

It was a good book. It was super-short, a mere 71 pages, which is good for my sense of accomplishment. I read it in a couple of sittings. Basically it's a collection of Kurt Johnston's columns from Group Magazine. Added into the columns that Kurt wrote, are some commentary by Scott almost as if he were reading over your shoulder and adding some thoughts.

It was a fun read. I found myself laughing out-loud occasionally. And in many respects, it reminded me again of why I do what I do.

My only point of contention with the book was two fold. First, it didn't seem like there was an order to the articles. Maybe there was and I just missed it. But the articles seemed somewhat random. Secondly, it would have been cool to have had some banter on Kurt's part to what Scott was adding to the conversation. Often, it felt like Scott added some good thoughts that would have been fun to have seen what Kurt thought about it.

But it's a quick read. It's a good read to start off the day with an article. It just adds a fresh youth ministry focus to the day.


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