Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Twitter experiment...

As those of you who are regulars will see, there is a "new" section to the left on my blog.

Recently, there was a discussion on the Simply Youth Ministry Podcast about this new thing out called "Twitter." The discussion happened in episode 73 and revolved around whether or not people would follow Doug Fields if he would Twitter... and a bet was made.

To me... the whole Twitter thing is a little TOO crazy. The whole Twitter deal is based on regular updates in sort of a mini-blog sort of thing. Up until Saturday, I thought the whole thing was silly. But Saturday I broke down and decided to give it a try.

My primary reason for trying such is that I'm betting at some point, Twitter is going to hit the student realm and I would like to have a leg up on it before our students start doing it. But I still think it's kinda silly...

But I'm trying it... so... you'll see the updates there at the top of my blog. They will update automatically... if you Twitter and want to follow, feel free to join me. Otherwise, you can check here to see what I'm up to...


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