Friday, April 25, 2008

Master Mentor #33

Chapter 32 (Book 4, Chapter 10)
There is one thing about the human and being human that I really like… but at the same time, it also really scares me. CS talks about it in this chapter. It is the reality that no one really knows what is going on inside of a man or woman other than God and that particular person. And it’s a scary thought because I know or at least I feel like I have a pretty good idea of what’s going on inside of my head. And I’m pretty sure that God has an idea as well… in fact, he may have the most complete view of anyone. But I am grateful… many days… that others don’t see what I see inside my own head.
Today, CS talks about the difference between someone who has no relationship with God but yet seems to be nice and respectable and someone who is mean and nasty and claims to have that relationship with God. Basically, CS reminds us that it’s not our job to judge. We don’t know truly what is going on with someone else. But just because someone seems nice doesn’t mean that they don’t need a relationship with Christ. Sometimes these are the hardest to convince that they do need a relationship with him.


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