Thursday, April 03, 2008

iPhones all over the place on CBS shows...


Since the writers' strike earlier, we've been under the onslaught of "reality shows"... most of which stink in my opinion. (The only reality show worth anything is Survivor.)

But tonight, Jackie and I grabbed a place on the couch and settled in to watch Survivor... followed by CSI. In one of the inital scenes, they were taking some photographs and emailing them back and forth... on iPhones!!!

After CSI was over, we typically watch ER... which isn't on until next Thursday night... so we ended up watching Without a Trace. As they were shaking down a criminal, they asked him to identify a face... and they showed him on an iPhone.

iPhones are popping up all over the place tonight on CBS. It makes me wonder if maybe Jeff Probst was using one on Survivor and I just missed it...


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