Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April's Simply Jr High Newsletter

I just finished reading and laughing through the latest installment of Group's "Simply Jr High Newsletter." And seriously... laughing... I laughed outloud at almost every article. And I'm not saying that because I'm getting paid for the endorsement, I'm still not. (I offered that as a suggestion the last time that I blogged about this, but nobody at Group has contacted me yet... come on Kurt!)

But really... it is good. In fact, I made a copy of one of the articles to pass along to my middle school boys' small group leader because it's exactly what he needs to hear. If you want to get this for yourself, check it out HERE.

This month they cleaned up the look of it a bit and made it a little cleaner. They also added a few new features and a few more voices. It's really solid. Check it out. It really is good and I wouldn't lie to you (I'm not being paid to...)!


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