Friday, April 18, 2008

Master Mentor #29

Chapter 28 (Book 4, Chapter 6)
This chapter is a fairly simple chapter. In fact, there isn’t too much new information or much of anything to wrestle with in this chapter. This chapter is primarily a reaction to a couple of possible objections from the previous chapter.

First, in the previous chapter, CS talked about turning “toy soldiers” (i.e. humans) into “real boys” (i.e. Christians) though what Jesus did on the cross. He went on to answer the question that might arise (or did, I don’t know) as to why God didn’t just create “real boys” or make all of us into Sons of God. For which, he gave two answers. The first of which I understand, the second I struggled with a bit. The first is because he gave us free will and wanted us to have the opportunity to choose. The second is because is a matter of begetting and creating that I really didn’t get.

Second, he talked in a previous chapter how the whole human race is connected together and growing as one almost like a tree (we are connected to our parents and are a part of them, they are connected to our grandparents and part of them and so on until it is like one huge organism. In this clarification, he noted even though on one level that is true. We are all different and on one level need to remain different because that is how we were created. We are part of the whole, but we are different and have different functions.

As CS begins to wind down Mere Christianity, I am beginning to look forward to starting Screwtape Letters. It should be interesting.


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