Saturday, April 26, 2008

bowling, turkeys and Lincoln today...

We had a really great 30 hour famine with the middle schoolers last night. They are rookies and some of them were whining pretty hardcore by the time of eating. But most of them were soldiers until the end. It was fun.

We also went bowling as you saw from a previous pic. I haven't bowled in likely 2 years. But it was fun. In fact, my first game I bowled a 172 with a turkey in the last frame (3 strikes in a row). Fun!

But right now, I'm up getting ready for class today down in Lincoln. Ugh! I'm really looking forward to the semester being over. 10 more days!!!


  1. I was hoping for some web animation featuring flightless birds throwing heavy spheroids down hardwood lanes while the sixteenth president recited the Gettysburg address.

    I suppose one can't win 'em all.

  2. sorry to disappoint... maybe i'll see if i can find one on YouTube.