Thursday, April 10, 2008

Excitement... then suckiness!!! (Ebay)

I recently posted that I was selling my PS2.

I have been wanting to upgrade to XBox 360 for a while... mostly because my friends (two of them HERE and HERE) are on XBox (plus one that doesn't blog that I'm aware of) and I would like to be able to game-it-up with them on a regular basis, when I have time.

My big barrier was just getting a box that I could put things in for shipment.

Well, I broke down and got something worked out and I listed them. All week, I have been to my Ebay page about a million times to check the price. And as of yesterday morning, it was still $.99. Which was really freaking me out!!! An XBox 360 is like $350-$400, plus Rock Band and Guitar Hero 3... that's a chunk of change. So, I was starting to worry a bit.

But then this morning, bidding picked up as it moved up the list. And this afternoon, I had a meeting and after the meeting I checked, with about an hour to go, it was up to $76.00. In my mind, I was thinking: "If I get $100 out of the whole deal, I'll be happy." But then shortly before the podcast began, I looked and with about 5 minutes, it had jumped to $202.50!!!!! I almost wet myself. I was so excited because that was twice what I was hoping for!

So, I went into the podcast on cloud 9.

Then after the podcast, I bounced over to see if payment had been made only to find that Ebay had canceled the transaction. It seems that there was fraud involved with the transaction and the "guy" that bought it wasn't the real "guy" who owned the account. (Imagine his surprise when he got an invoice for $217.50...)

But then I got another email saying that the "guy" who was second in line was also fraudulent!!! So, I couldn't even offer the losing bidder a second chance offer.

Then Ebay even went so far as to eliminate the whole listing for security purposes!!! One of the staff members here at FVCC is a big seller on Ebay and he told me that he had never even heard of such a thing happening!!!

So, now I'm back to nothing. I still have my PS2... but I have to create a whole new listing. And then I've got to go through the nerves of listing it and waiting... again...



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  1. Hey Jim, I will give you $100 bucks for it if you are willing to sell it to a fellow youth minister who wants to use it for his ministry. I don't play - I seems like I am in the minority as far as youth ministers go - but our kids would love to have one in the youth room. Let me know.