Friday, February 15, 2008

24 Season 7 will have to wait... ugh!

I knew this would happen when the writers' strike started.

24's next installment... Season 7 will have to wait until January 2009.

Here's a bit of an article found HERE:
"So "24" represents this television season's most prominent casualty due to the writers strike. A January 2009 start seemed the best way to comply with viewers' wishes that a season's episodes run without interruption to conclusion, Fox said on Thursday."

So... It sucks that 24 will have to wait, even though the writers' strike is over...

And it stinks double because now that the writers are back, the Tonight Show with Jay Leno is back to it's normal lameness. I love the Tonight Show and watch it every night before turning out the light. And I actually thought that the Tonight Show was better in the last 6 weeks since it came back without writers... But that's just my opinion...

So no 24... and a lamer Tonight Show... This writers' strike stinks... on both sides...


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