Sunday, February 24, 2008

Session 2... Doug Fields...

Doug gave us a true treat last night at Session 2.

I love to listen to Doug teach. I feel like we have a similar style and a similar humor and so I always get a kick out of listening to Doug. So, I was really looking forward to this. And he didn't disappoint.

He talked about the three barriers in his life to having "caring conversations" in his life. Those three things are:
1. uncomfortableness
2. fear
3. occupied.

Then he went on to talk about this in terms of Luke 2 and Matthew 1 by talking about Mary (uncomfortable), Joseph (fear) and the innkeeper (occupied). And I would have to say that all three of those blockers show up in my life... there are times when I feel incredibly uncomfortable when working, talking and leading students... there are times when I'm afraid almost every day... and there are a lot of times when I am too occupied to develop deep relationships.

Doug... you always knock it out the park. Thanks for knocking it out last night.

Tonight, we're going to enjoy some Greg Stier... Dare to Share... Should be great!!!


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