Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Knight Rider movie...

I watched the NBC Knight Rider movie from a couple of weekends ago tonight. It has been a busy week and I would say that if you are one of my regular blog readers, you will know that I've been a bit busy. But I had a chance to watch it tonight and overall, I was fairly pleased.

Here are a few things that I thought that I liked:
-The car... even though a Ford... was awesome.
-The guy that they got to play Michael... Michael Knight's son... is actually pretty good.
-The Hoff made an appearance at the end... passing on the legacy of the show to another.
-The storyline was pretty good, but cheesy at times... but had enough action to keep me connected.
-The technology, which seemed far-fetched at times, did have a note of realism.
-They sampled the old theme song for the intro and outro... very excellent.
-The car seems indestructable... that's the only way to have it.

Here are a few things that I didn't like:
-KITT's voice was weird and didn't have as much humor as the original.
-Too many commercials... especially annoying Ford commercials... if it becomes a weekly series, they will have to tone those down or I'll have to watch it on tape every week... too many... too annoying.
-There was a high level of cheese with some of the action. But the car is super sweet.
-The show started fairly slow... introducing characters and setting up the plot. But the last 30 minutes were pretty good.
-I don't like that KITT is a Ford... the original was a GM car (Trans Am) and they should have made an effort to maintain that consistency. Plus, this car doesn't have T-tops... if it becomes a series, they are going to have a hard time with those occasional times when they need to launch Michael over a wall or onto a roof.

All in all... it was interesting.
My verdict is... if they made it into a series show, I would watch it. Knight Rider rides on!


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