Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Book #2... I Am Legend

At Christmas-time, I went with a couple of friends and watched "I Am Legend" (blogged HERE). After I watched it, I knew that I wanted to read the book ("I Am Legend" by Richard Matheson).

But I found the book to be quite different than the movie. In fact, the only similarities that I saw between the book and the movie (aside from this cover) was the name "Robert Neville" and the general set-up of the plague situation. Other than that, there was very, very little similarity between the book and the movie. But I'm not sure which one I liked more.

Also somewhat disappointing, the book, when I picked it up from the library is 317. But only 170 of those pages are the "I Am Legend" story. The rest are a collection of short stories that didn't have much to do with the "Robert Neville - I Am Legend" story. But I guess we can't have everything in life.

This is the second of 26 books that I am looking to read this year... The first was HERE.

On to other books. Although I'm not sure what it will be. But my copy of the "Memoirs of Alexander Campbell" by Robert Richardson came the other day. That one will count as two books if I start into it next as it was originally two books... combined in one volume.


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