Friday, February 15, 2008

Northern Illinois University prayers...

This morning my thoughts and prayers went out to the community at Northern Illinois University. I watched all of the press conference this morning talking about new information and answering questions.

As I watched the conference, I was impressed by degree of professionalism by those who were on stage answering questions, while I struggled with the degree of blame that the reporters were trying to place on "someone."

This is a tragedy. No doubt about it.

But these reporters were looking for someone... other than the gunman... to blame for this... the gunseller... the door on Cole Hall... someone who saw the gunman but didn't see the guns and who should have stopped him... the federal law that should have prevented this guy who legally bought the guns from buying the guns in accordance with the gun purchasing time-line... the school for not taking "appropriate-enough actions" with a couple of other seemingly unrelated threats that they had previously received... the medicine that the gunman was on but had stopped taking... etc, etc, etc... They seemed to be looking for someone to place the blame... someone other than the person responsible.

It's a tragedy.
No one could have predicted what this guy was going to do before he did it. Other than him. It stinks. It's hard. That's what tragedies are.

My thoughts and prayers continue to go out to the NIU campus, Brian and Russ at the Christian Campus House at NIU and others who are involved.


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