Sunday, February 24, 2008

Still "Hooked" for FREE

So... I've still got this... no one has claimed it yet... better get you some...


I have the privilege of giving away a FREE... totally... absolutely... positively... FREE copy of Simply Youth Ministry's "Hooked". "Hooked" is a $40 value!!!! Check out this description:
"Money. Sex. Pride. Drugs. Glory. The lure of temptation is strong, and all it takes is one bite to get hooked—sometimes for life. Temptation is everywhere! Even if you’re not experiencing temptation at this moment, it will be knocking at your door in no time. Help your students get a big-picture perspective on how God wants to help them deal with temptation. "

And I would like to give it to a conference attendee...

Here a couple of questions for you to answer and see if you qualify to meet me for this FREE resource.
1. Are you attending the NYMC?
2. Are you alive?
3. Can you complete this task... to see who's worthy? Bring me... see picture of me above... a Skyline Chili napkin signed by Doug Fields or Josh Griffin...

You've got until 9 am on Monday will get this awesome FREEBIE from Simply Youth Ministry!!! Happy hunting!!! Hope to see you soon!


1 comment:

  1. hey jim,
    I did your challenge, but the skyline doesn't have printed napkins so I grabbed some hot sauce packets and I got doug's signature and a letter to you asking you to accept the sauce packets instead. On top of that I went to the local skyline and they are closed on Sundays. So two questions will you accept this and where can I find you?

    Hoping for resources,
    Ken Compton