Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Great coming back news...

I am always a little concerned when I'm away for the weekend at a conference. I always get the conference "high" and get really excited about Student Ministries (which I am right now) only to come back to some "problem" at church that someone "needs" to talk to me about that squashes my "high" and returns me to "normal." Which is a bummer... because I like the high.

I get back in last night and checking my email noticed an email from our church's financial administrator. (Always a little bit of a scary thing.) But this was good. She was letting me know that the Student Ministries had received a "designated funds donation" Sunday at church. (Basically that means that someone went above and beyond their weekly offering at church to make a special donation to student ministries that isn't a part of my budget but I can use it for anything I want... special purchases... scholarships... gifts for volunteers... etc... etc).

That's great!
That's a great way to come back from a conference and very encouraging. To go away, get excited about the work that I do, and then come back to "someone" seeing the value in the student program and seeing the value so much that they went above and beyond to meet their needs... that's incredible. (I'm almost without words... which is difficult to imagine considering this is post 800+).

Let me just say that it's incredibly encouraging. So... THANKS to whoever you are. My guess is that this person... and I don't know who they are... isn't reading my blog. But since I can't say thanks personally... I'll say it here. Thanks.

And thanks not just for the financial gift. But thanks for the encouragement. It's great to know sometimes that someone outside... possibly... of my volunteer team sees the value in what's happening in the student program. And that is more encouraging than the financial amount.


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