Friday, February 29, 2008

New Kittens... Zelda and "Yet Unnamed"

Jackie and I spent about an hour with 2 kittens that we are planning to adopt in the next 10 days or so. Ever since we had to put Spot down, it's been pretty empty around here.

We have visited several animal shelters, had several conversations with Julie Brooks who works with an animal rescue organization in the area and had a couple of other good leads. But nothing concrete had ever worked out.

Well, being gone over the weekend, Jackie was lonely and without Spot in the apartment made it worse. So she spent some time at Petsmart playing with the kittens that are there for adoption. While she was there, she met a lady with H.E.L.P.S., a local animal rescue mission, that had three all black 5 or 6 month old kittens up for adoption. They aren't spayed yet. And we would like to have our's front paw declawed (keeps the furniture looking like furniture).

So, we went over and visited them for about an hour last night. They are great! We had a blast playing with them. They are all very playful and very great kittens. We are planning to adopt 2 of the 3... Currently their names are Delilah and Rosie... Daisy is the other kitten's name but she is a little more independent and so we are planning to take the two that are a little closer. We would take all three... but our apartment complex will only allow us to have two. I'm planning to rename Delilah as Zelda (I just kinda dig that name) and Jackie is thinking about what to rename her's.

They are going to the vet today for their shots. If everything is well, they will get scheduled for their spaying and front paw declaw for next week. Then we will pick them up officially after Believe (March 7-9). It will be great! They are great! As soon as we get them, I'll be posting some pictures!!


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