Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The End of the World as we know it... Starbucks closed for 3 hours...

Tonight, Starbucks will close it's doors for 3 hours of mandatory training for all Starbucks employees... Check out a story HERE.

It's actually a pretty good thing. My wife works for Starbucks and is required to attend tonight's meeting. The standards company-wide have gotten somewhat lax. Supposedly all employees tonight will be getting some much needed re-training or training in their area of expertise.

So... bottom line... You'll live for 3 hours tonight while they're all closed. But in the end, everyone will be getting better drinks as the standards will be back where they as supposed to be.

There might be a good youth ministry principle here. Sure, it's tough to do the needed training. But in the end, everyone wins. What would you be willing to do so that your youth ministry wins? What do I need to do so that my youth ministry wins? Especially if its something difficult.


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