Saturday, February 16, 2008


I saw this picture this morning on the Kane County Chronicle's website.

And it just made me think... In the midst of all that is going on out there in terms of the investigation, the interviews, the stories, the pictures and everything that has the media in such a frenzy, are any of those answers going to really bring any healing to the campus of NIU?

My sense is not.

What will really bring the kind of healing that they need is prayer, thoughtfulness and time. I was watching some of the news coverage last night and the now that young man has been identified, the media has surrounded his father's home in Florida. And I thought to myself, why? Why in the midst of this man's grief are you trying to ask him questions? How silly and thoughtless.

Let's pray for the NIU community. Let's be there for them in the midst of this. Let's help them heal at the pace that seems appropriate to them. Let's give them the time and the space that they need.


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