Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dealing with article

I saw and read a great article on this morning from Todd Szymczak

Here's a taste...
"Anyone who has been in the crosshairs of someone’s negative criticism knows how easy it is to become discouraged and disillusioned.
Long ago I had the na├»ve belief that if I was a believer, worked in the church, followed God’s purpose for my life and cared about students and families, those I served would be thankful, gracious and appreciative. Most often that is true; however, there are times when criticism can shake me to my core.
If you are anything like me, I take my ministry seriously (and personally), and have been wounded many times by a critic’s words or actions. Everyone who has been in ministry and has dealt with people will experience criticism. Here are a couple things I have learned in the trenches:"

Todd then goes on to encourage youth workers to LEAN, LEARN and LET GO. To read more about what Todd means, click HERE.

Good article. Thanks for the thoughts and insight. I think the hardest thing in getting criticism is to slow down and remember to do these three things. Most of the time, because ministry is so personal, we jump to being emotional and defensive and we miss the opportunity to learn. Good thoughts Todd.

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