Monday, February 04, 2008

Marko's in trouble... Biggest Loser Contest

Today officially begins the "Are You a Bigger Loser than Marko" contest through Youth Specialties.

Check out Marko's blog HERE.

Basically the premise is that if you can lose a greater percentage of weight than Mark Oestreicher at Youth Specialties, then you score some sweet YS stuff. If you are the overall weight loser... and there are about 300 of us in it... then you get a free admission to a YS conference this fall.

You'll see this morning's contest start official weight. 259.5. Part of the reason why I jumped in this is that I've got 12 weeks to lose weight. Last May - Sept, I lost 53.5 pounds. That was close to 20% of my body weight. I'm betting that since I haven't been real serious with the diet, I can jump back into shape and lose 35-40 pounds in the next 12 weeks. The only problem is with the weather, I can't really walk consistently. But I might be hitting the Charlestown mall for some indoor walking. Actually... I kinda bulked up a bit over the weekend (don't tell Marko)... but I picked up a few pounds (at a killer Super Bowl Party last night where I ate like a champ) so I can drop them quickly today.

So it's on Marko!!! And I would dare say that you are in trouble!!!


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