Saturday, February 02, 2008

iPhone takes on a semi!!!???

I saw THIS story this morning on ENGADGET...

An iPhone is left on a truck, falls off, lands on the freeway, even gets run over by a semi and still works!!! That's awesome. Thankfully its not mine... Seems they are a little more resilient than first assumed.

Here's a little snipet from Engadget's article: "Yet that's exactly what Mike Beauchamp's iPhone did after he left it on his trunk and drove off from a gas station -- and the kicker is that just as he was about to run out and grab it, he watched it get run over by a semi truck. Shockingly, the unit still work perfectly, even receiving a call as Mike finally nabbed it. Obviously, it's missing a few chunks and there are some broken pixels, but the touch sensitivity is solid, and it sounds like Mike's been talking to Apple PR about using it in a promo..."

Go iPhone!!!


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