Saturday, February 23, 2008

Applebees... Longest lunch ever...

Jeff, Kathy and Chris and I hit Applebees for lunch today.

We wanted to grab a sit-down lunch so we could talk, decompress a bit and catch up. We've been going, going, going non-stop since we got here. And so we thought that a little salad and conversation was just what we needed.

But we picked the slowest Applebees ever!!!

All four of us had salad. And we were there for an hour and a half!!!! We were there so long that Jeff and I missed the afternoon session (when we got back to the parking garage, it was full. So we ran an errand for a few minutes hoping that the lot would open up... but it didn't so I had to pony up the $20 for valet parking... ugh!).

But I'm looking forward to tonight. It should be great. There will be more pics...

And I'm hoping that someone is going to bring me a napkin with a signature on it... Check it out HERE.


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