Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day 5... Thursday... Misaki's Day!!!

First off... let me apologize. I (Jim) forgot to get the memory card from the camera before coming to the room tonight. So, our assortment of pictures is fairly low. My apologies. But my wife has the camera and she is 10 minute walk away and it's midnight. So, I'll try to get some more up tomorrow... we'll do a Day 5.1 post.

Here is Jared getting a little more Encounter time!

Here is Justin R and Mari during this morning's D-Group time... we talked about boldness. They look bold, don't they? Let's hope so.

Today's highlight was Misaki's for lunch. It was a great meal... it always is. Mari even cleaned her plate!!!

One of the highlights of every trip to Misaki's is that they make a big fireball on the cooking surface after they are done. Here is the last little bit of one of the fireballs.

Tonight's "Youth Group" time went extremely well. The only snafu was that we had to have it inside... it was raining outside... Thankfully they opened up some classrooms. We had a great conversation and then played "Mafia" together.

More pictures tomorrow... I promise!!


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  1. ya like you've never walked across that campus at midnight before...gosh....