Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Wife... the Starbucks Coffee Master

Well, it's official: My wife is a Starbucks Coffee Master.

You might be thinking: "What does that mean?"
  • The first thing that it means is that she gets a different apron. Her's is now black instead of the normal green.
  • She has attended a special training dealing with coffee quality.
  • Better knowledge of what makes Starbucks' coffee, Starbucks' coffee.
  • Understands the different regions of coffees and their different flavors.
  • Knows what kinds of coffees would go with different desserts (like a blueberry muffin).
  • How a coffee is decaffeinated (cause anyone would really want that).
  • And lots of other groovy-type coffee trivia (which means watch out if Trivia Pursuit ever rolls around to coffee trivia and my wife is playing... you'll be smoked!)
I'm just proud!!


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