Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day 3... Tuesday...

Today was our first full day... and man, was it a full day. I think I uploaded about 10 or 12 pictures for you today. I didn't count them... but it took me a while.

Our seats were pretty bad this morning. They move everyone around everyday so that everyone has good seats and everyone has bad seats. Our seats today were in the balcony.

This morning started off with a little craziness. They challenged these two kids to eat an onion. And the craziest thing is that they actually did it!!! Thankfully, neither of them were our students.

Morning Encounter time was great. Mari is having an Encounter with God and the Holy Spirit under this giant pine tree. Good way to start the day.

D-Groups were great. We did an illustration about the Holy Spirit unleashed in your life. That's what I'm doing here. But you didn't check in to see pictures of me... so on to the students...

Here is half of them in my D-group... Boone, Mari, Andrew, Will, Natalie, Grace and Elisabeth...

Waiting in line is pretty bad... especially at lunch time. Here, Amanda, Bekah and others are waiting in line.

Justin says "hi!"

This afternoon, a great game of Frisbee broke out with another church. Here, I'm getting warmed up.

Jared was incredible in our game. We ended up beating the other church... even though we had 3 less players than the other team. Justin Reyburn was incredible too. Everyone had fun.

Here's the whole gang waiting in line for dinner... Clayton, Natalie, Amanda (kinda), Bekah (kinda), Elisabeth (yawning), Mari and Ravynn. Dinner was less of a wait.

Mari and Ravynn are ready for the night to begin!!

So are Clayton, Will and Justin (weekend worship leader for student ministries starting in the fall).

The night wrapped up with some games. The first one was seeing how far you could blow a min-marshmallow our of your nose. Sounds gross... but totally fun. Andrew Meyer was the winner... we didn't measure though... a little gross.

Then we wrapped up with a good-old-fashioned game of ball tag.

Great, great day. The Holy Spirit was really working in the lives of these students... I know, because the conversations this afternoon and evening were really great.

Look for more pictures tomorrow. (Click HERE to go back to the main blog).


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