Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day 4... Wednesday... Gray shirt day!!!

Today was 'gray shirt' day. Not quite as dramatic was "green shirt day" last year (check it out HERE if you need to be reminded...)

Here, breakfast (or lunch... but I think breakfast) is being had by Natalie, Will, Natalie, and Amanda.

Here, Jared and Justin R get some quiet time in as the day gets started. For me, morning Encounter time is the best. To look out over a campus filled with students sitting quietly, reading their Bibles and morning devotions... sounds impossible, but really does happen every morning.

D-groups were great today. Here Brandon, a college student from Florida Christian College (in pink) leads through a lesson on the community of the church.

Meanwhile, the other group creates a "web" of prayers as each member prays for the person holding the other end of the string.

Another D-group picture... Discussion happening!!!

Andrew grabs a drink of water... taken during the Ultimate Frisbee game (HERE) this afternoon... I just liked this picture.

Here, Ravynn, Boone and Mari grab some dinner. It was an outdoor cookout (but eating indoors). Good stuff.

Worship tonight was incredible. The speaker was great. The music was great. Here, Clayton, Jared, Mari and Ravynn get into the worship.

Finally, a picture (taken by Amanda!!!) of the evening session.

It was a really great day. But I'm pretty tired now... now is when the sleepiness, tiredness and soreness begins to kick in. Prayer for us!!!

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