Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Book #5... "The Outrageous Idea of Academic Faithfulness"

So I just polished off #5 book for this year. It was "The Outrageous Idea of Academic " Donald Optiz and Derek Melleby. I'm hitting them with a little more speed now that I'm out of school.

This book was an easy read and actually one that I should have read faster. We picked up some copies of it for our graduates this year and I learned from a previous experience not to give out a book that I hadn't read cover to cover. So I did. And I read it cover to cover.

It's a good book for college students. It's high on practical application for living a Christian life and making a difference in the college world for Christ. The one drawback that I saw was that some of the vocabulary was a little high for most high school seniors/college freshmen. But overall, it was a good book. But I didn't find much in terms of incredible insight for me and my personal life.


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