Monday, June 23, 2008

CIY Day 1... Travel Day

We're here. In fact, right now, I'm sitting in McDonalds posting these 4 pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Yesterday was a long day. Some slept... others didn't. But we made it safe and sound last night about 9 pm (EST). The travel went well.

After we made it, some people grabbed the couches and relaxed. Here Amanda, Natalie (reluctantly) and Bekah posed for a quick pic.

Then a game of Rug Ball broke out. (Jim dominated... of course.) If you don't know what Rug Ball is, ask me (or one of the students later). Here Will and Boone are getting beat at Rug Ball while Justin Reyburn looks on.

There was also a carpetball table. It was popular.

Today, we are headed out to Laurel Falls. So there should be some great pictures tomorrow morning. Look for them about 9 am. Thanks for looking!!!



  1. you know you're just counting your blessings that i'm not there to smoke you at rugball....enjoy ciy...wish we could be there...

  2. Mikej AKACARPETBALLERKINGFri Jun 27, 05:24:00 PM 2008

    you all know who the most dominate player was and shall forever remain (jim wish i was there with ya and kraig miss ya man) ........