Tuesday, June 24, 2008

CIY day 2.1... Extra pictures...

Here are a few new pictures from Monday. Justin Reyburn and Andrew Meyer lent me some pics. Thanks dudes!!!

Here is Justin... looking out of focus, but after a long day, doesn't everything look a bit out of focus?

Here Amanda, Bekah and Natalie get ready to head out to Laurel Falls.

Mari hanging out in the dorm!!! Miss Energy... she's always up for a game of Frisbee or anything... see tomorrow's pics...

Boone looking stylish on the bridge out to Laurel Falls.

Elisabeth, Mari and Bekah hanging out at the falls...

Justin hanging out on the bridge before the picture... hmmm... this pose looks familiar.

Will getting ready to head back to the vans...

It was a long day and Jared couldn't wait to get to bed... but it was a good day.

Thanks for checking out the pictures, click HERE to head back to the blog to look at more pictures.


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