Thursday, June 05, 2008

Stuff Christians Like... Red Rover

I've been reading this blog called "Stuff Christians Like" found HERE. Some of the days, the posts are too long and I don't read them. (I usually have a 200 word limit for blog reading unless it's an exceptional blog... sorry... that's just my usual.) But occasionally he'll post one and I'll read it.

Today was one of those days... it's about playing red rover and other absurd games at VBS. Here's a snipet:
"Like any good youth retreat, Vacation Bible School usually has its fair share of accidents and injuries. It's just kind of what happens when you combine a few dozen children, massive amounts of sugary orange drink and then set them loose on a playground. But for my money, if you really want to go home from VBS with a battle scar, you need to play a game of red rover.

If you've never played red rover, please let me enlighten you. In red rover, kids form two lines facing each other. They hold hands and then yell, "red rover, red rover send Matt right over." Matt then runs as fast as he can into the arms of the other kids. If the force of his body causes two people to release their hands, he wins. If instead he gets clothes lined and falls down, he gets to go to the hospital and have 7 stitches in his head."

I actually found myself laughing so hard I could barely see. Maybe it's the Diet Cherry Coke, the lack of sleep or the imminent lock-in, but I thought it was pretty darn funny. Hope you enjoyed it.


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