Friday, June 13, 2008

Good Friday day off...

We are still dogsitting. The family that we are sitting for is coming back tomorrow. It will be nice to be back in my own bed tomorrow night. Not that I haven't enjoyed staying in their house, rather than our tiny little apartment (it's funny how much you notice that after you've spent some time in a house).

But it's a good Friday day off. We went for a walk. I'm going to read here in a bit, then hit the post office to drop off, probably spend some more time reading, eat pizza (Jackie made up the dough before she left for work), play some Guitar Hero 3 and generally relax.

Good stuff.

I'm also trying to talk Jackie into buying a MacBook (her G4 died... harddrive loose and battery problems and we haven't been able to solve them) tomorrow. We'll see. Maybe there will be two MacBooks in this stable. Fun stuff.

Good and relaxing Friday off. Next weekend will be anything but relaxing as I'll be getting ready for a week of CIY Summer Conference.


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