Saturday, June 28, 2008

CIY Day 7... Travel Day...

This morning (Saturday) was the morning to load up and get off campus. We slept in a bit and then loaded up. Everyone grabbed a seat... And the trek to Woodland Lakes Christian Camp began.

It was a long... but fun day in the vans. Van "B" got into the hairstyling trade a little bit. Mari is the subject in this "style"... if you can call it style.

After getting to the camp, a game of 3 on 3 basketball broke out. Shortly after that, a game of Ultimate Frisbee broke out.

Laura made a few new friends among some of the Cicadas that are out here at Woodland Lakes. This one is crawling up her shirt.

Then we headed to Wendy's for dinner. There was much excitement. (I would tell you what is going on in this picture, but honestly, I don't know. Sorry.)

Clayton likes Wendy's (and looks creepy in this picture).

Finally, the night ended with the student matching up with some accountability partners. Following that, we decided to "fake throw" Ravynn in the lake here at camp.

Backstory: When we arrived, there was conversation among those in Ravynn's van about "someone" getting thrown into the lake. Of course, that would never happen. But they totally had her going and convinced her that the "someone" was her. We played it up for about 4 hours that she was "going in tonight." So I told all the kids that we would pretend to throw her in and at the count of three, we picked her up and carried her down to the lake, only to leave her dry and laughing the grass. It was the night before 16th birthday... we had to do something crazy to her.

It's been a great trip. Tonight, we're hanging out a bit... relaxing a bit... playing and having some fun together as a group. One of the saddest things about ending a trip like this is the knowledge that this specific group will never be together again. Two members of the group, Clayton and Jared, are graduated Seniors. We also have 3 freshmen in this group, Grace, Laura and Andrew. Who knows what will happen to this group... as we MOVE on from this moment in time into the future that only God holds.

I'm looking forward to seeing what that is.


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