Saturday, June 14, 2008

Early Guitar Hero 3 review...

At this point, I've beaten GH3 on "medium." In fact, I beat it without failing once. It's interesting, but I'm also fairly disappointed with the game itself.

Here is the good:
  • There are a few good songs... i.e. "Welcome To The Jungle," "Baracuda," "Cherub Rock," "Even Flow," and "Mississippi Queen"... that are genuinely fun to play.
  • There are some improvements to game play.
  • Battle mode is pretty fun and it's good that they worked it into the general gameplay.
  • This doesn't have anything to do with GH3, but it is fun to play it on Xbox with the potential of landing some Gamerscore.
  • A few new characters to buy at the store.
  • The downloadable content looks cool... when I finally get Xbox Live up and rolling later on.

Here's the bad:
  • While there are some songs that are fun to play, most of the good songs are on the front part of the playlist and there are many songs that are lame and not fun to play at all... i.e. "Sticken," "The Seeker," "Monsters," "The Metal," and "3's and 7's." It almost seems like they are running out of songs to play... which I know they aren't because "Rock Band" is going strong.
  • They tried to add a story line to it... but it's lame and a waste of load time.
  • The songs are consistent across the board on a particular playlist. For instance, you have to complete 3 of 4 songs... but one or two of the songs will be way tougher (and not always the last one) than the others.
  • Many of the same lame characters from GH and GH2... might be time to dump a couple of them and add in some new ones.
Overall at this point, I'm not that impressed. But I'll probably finish it and work on the hard and maybe expert levels to pick up the gamerscore stuff for it. Plus, I'm still working on my skills for when I land a copy of "Rock Band" of my own!!


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