Friday, June 27, 2008

Day 5.1... Thursday (some more!!)

Here are some more pictures from yesterday... sorry, if you just checked out HERE and didn't get very many... here are more.

Clayton looks comfortable while he's having morning Encounter Time.

Here we are in morning D-Group... Boone seems to have something to say...

I know that there aren't any students in this picture... I just thought the picture of Buffalo Mountain in the background was pretty. Those of you who have lived in Illinois all your lives... this is a mountain!!

Elisabeth is excited about something... probably Misaki's.

Andrew is definitely excited!!!

Here is Jared, Grace, Laura, Jenn, Andrew and half of Justin waiting for dinner to arrive.

Our chef dazzled us with some fire on the grill!!! Very exciting.

After Misaki's, we headed to the mall for some hanging out. Here, Natalie, Will and Amanda try on some sunglasses... Will ended up liking his enough to buy them.

Here's Will in his new sunglasses and his headband for tomorrow's DodgeBowl Tournament.

Grace and Laura pause for a picture.

Jared and Mari pose for a picture.

Will is excited during worship.

One of the highlights of the night was that Robyn Sigars brought the message. When he does, it's always incredible!!!

Well... there's some more pictures from Thursday. There will be pictures from Friday coming soon...

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