Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday morning and Thursday...

Man, it was rough getting up this morning.

But it was especially rough because Jackie got up and opened at Starbucks. Opening for her means out the door around 4 am. I always get up with her, if only for a brief couple of minutes to wish her a good day (like every husband should). Most mornings, I go back to bed (except during school when things are heavy and I need to read). This morning was no different. So, I returned to bed for about 45 minutes.

So it was rough getting up again, especially when my body was wanting sleep (see HERE and the picture HERE). But we had a good discussion about false prophets/teachers (from Matthew 7:15-20).

What was better was staying a bit afterward (I'm still there... getting ready to read), but one of the group members (and one of the leaders at FVCC) stayed and we talked about our upcoming CIY trip. That was better. Just having some one on one time with one of the leaders at the church talking about the excitement and struggle of this upcoming week was really great and totally worth it.

Beyond that, today should be a good day. Mostly, I'm going to spend my morning reading and relaxing a bit over some Panera Bread hazelnut. Later this morning and this afternoon will be filled with work on the D-groups for CIY (which kids are in which groups and their lessons).

Tonight should be fun... Jackie and I are just hanging at home and maybe watching a movie and enjoying a quiet evening together before the craziness of next week begins (Jackie closes Friday night... I'm heading to BWW's with J.O. and W.D. and maybe others) and then Saturday will be crazy with picking up the vans and packing.

So, I'm looking forward to today... although, I could go for a nap.


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