Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day 6... Pictures!!!

Caleb and his c

Danny lead morning Encounters this week. And did a great job!!!

Clayton jumped into some morning Encounter time. This was his spot just about all week... even towards the end of the week, he had to race Mari to this spot.

Boone had a good morning Encounter time as well.

So did Ravynn... This morning was a good morning to get some of these Encounter pictures.

Bekah found a good place by the pole.

Will, Boone, and Natalie had some time to put together a "Move" plan and then they talked them over with me... and this afternoon (Saturday), they talked them over with a friend.

It's been a long week. I will be glad to get home.

The "Raging Jimbo's" entered the dodgeball tournament. Here, Andrew is waiting to play and took a second for a picture with Jackie.

Here we are... the "Raging Jimbo's"... me, Andrew, Justin R., Boone, Will and Jared. But alas, we were out after our first game.

Andrew, Laura and Grace paused for a picture.

Clayton is surprised at how much fun he had and how much he learned... actually no... I just surprised him with the camera.

The final thing that we saw was this year's theme image...

At our final "Youth Group Time"... we celebrated Ravynn's birthday.

I'll have some pictures from Saturday's travel day... I should have them up shortly.

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