Tuesday, June 24, 2008

CIY Day 2... Laurel Fall and Session #1

Day 2 got off to a great start. We had an incredible day at the falls. It was beautiful!!!

Here is the official 2008 CIY Group picture!!! Look at all those smiling faces.

Amanda, Andrew and Natalie took a couple of minutes to pose for a picture on the trail.

The falls were awesome!!! The water was cold (always is), but the falls were full this year and swimming was wonderful. Here are some hanging out on the falls in the water.

Here's a wider picture of the falls. Very beautiful.

Some of the kids thinking about getting into the water. It's cold. Probably about 60 degrees as it comes down off the mountain. It takes some time to get in.

Another picture of the falls.

The freshmen (Andrew, Grace and Laura) paused for a picture.

But it wasn't all hiking. We had great seats the first night. But totally lame seats today. Laura, Grace and Ravynn are in this picture... Justin, Boone and Jared are behind me.

Caleb Miller came out and led us in a great time of worship!!! Good stuff!!

The first night, we talked about Jesus. To symbolize the night, the spray painted a giant cross and hung it from the front.

The night ended with some games (see next picture) and a group cinnamon roll (it's a CIY thing).

As I said, we played some games and had some fun together as a group.

I am hoping to have more pictures for you tomorrow... I'm also going to use some of the students' cameras and pictures so we get more variety to the photos. But check tomorrow for more pictures for sure. If I have time, I will try to get some more up today (Tuesday).

Thanks for looking and thanks for praying for us!!!


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