Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wednesday before CIY...

Well, it's Wednesday before our big week of CIY Summer Conference... opps... they have changed the name, it's now... CIY Move. (But between you and me, it will always be CIY Summer Conference.)

But for some reason, my butt is dragging.

This is not good. CIY takes an incredible amount of energy. The week, if you've never been, is your typical week of high school conference. But for me as the youth worker, it is 24 hours a day for 8 days (Sunday, June 22 to Sunday, June 29) straight. And most of that is on 6 hours (or less) sleep.

I'm really excited about the week. I think that it's got some incredible potential. But for some reason, my butt is dragging. Both physically and spiritually. I'm a little tired physically. But that could have been from the late night last night at Summer Study. But I'm also a little tired youth ministry-wise. My personal spiritual life is great. But for some reason, I'm a little tired and frustrated with youth ministry right now. But that could have been because of Summer Study last night too. (Attendance was low (2) and that could be part of it.) But I just don't feel that pep in my step that I'm used to. Hopefully it will come around. In fact, I'm sure that it will come around.

But I just thought that I would go on record and say that it's only the Wednesday before, and I'm already tired.


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