Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Olers check in from Kenya

I have been eagerly watching my Google Reader for the next check in from the Olers in Africa. This morning, there were two updates. (If you don't know, we've got a family Kevin and Sandy Oler and their high school daughter who are visiting our missionaries in Kenya. And they are posting some of their thoughts and stories to two blogs.)

HERE's Sandy's blog and HERE's Paige's blog.
Both updates are great and I won't steal their thunder. But I just have to put a snipet of Paige's blog in here. She's so funny. She writes just like she talks: "so we we were heading to our tent camp and we stopped to take pictures at this very beautiful spot and there were tons of zebras and eland then mrs. crum said u guys can go chase them! that sounded like a supper idea. so we climbed out the back and Rachel and i just stood there for a while then we sprinted at them. they strated running and then we stoped and rachel pointed at the eland that was like 2 times the size of the others and a regular eland weights aboutg a ton!"


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