Thursday, June 05, 2008

Early morning... Long day...

Today is going to be a pretty long day.

First off, I had Thursday morning Bible Study at 6 am this morning. So, I was up about 4:50 am. I'm getting ready to jump into some sermon writing here as soon as I post this and listen to some music to "neutral" my mind.

Then, tomorrow night we're having a 12 hour overnighter. That begins at 8 pm and last until 8 am. I love and hate lock-ins. I love them because it's a great time to hang out with students, have conversations, have some fun and make some memories. But I hate them because it's 12 hours and I would rather be sleeping with at least 8 of those hours. Then it screws with my internal clock and messes up my sleep cycle. (Remember: I'm preaching on Sunday.)

So, my plan is to start off the day well. Grab a nap after lunch this afternoon, then stay up as long as I can tonight (maybe 2 or 3 am) so that I can sleep in Friday morning as long as possible (hopefully noon). I've got a Rock Band thing with one of my middle school leaders and some high school students at 5 this afternoon. Then Jeff, the middle school leader in question, and I and others are headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for some NTN Trivia (that should run me through about 10:00 or 11:00 pm. Jackie is closing tonight, so I'm hoping to jump in on some (totally addictive) Halo until my goal time.

We'll see how it goes. Good plan... but can I carry it out. Last time, I thought I had a good plan only to fail about 12:00 or 12:30 am.



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  2. speaking of lock-ins, i have two words....water fountain...and four more words...broken pipe on desk...thank you rob radnich...anyways, enjoy your lock-in...don't pass out or someone might throw you in the baptistry...