Saturday, March 01, 2008

Being Out of Town... both a blessing and a curse...

I love being out of town from time to time...

Especially with last weekend. After the National Youth Ministry Conference I felt confident and refreshed. A couple of things that I haven't felt in a while. Which is great. The training was great. It's always great to get to see old friends and catch up on life. Plus, it was an extra blessing being out of town with three of my favorite people in the world.

Good stuff...

But there's always a downside to being gone. Today, instead of working on homework and maybe watching a little college basketball, I'm locked in the "den" in our apartment working on stuff for the weekend. So, it's both a blessing and a curse. It was great to be out for a little while. But then you have to work twice as hard when you get back to get caught up. But I guess that's part of life.

I just know that looking down the barrel of what I have to do today, I would rather watch some basketball.


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