Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Yesterday was a busy day...

  • Easter weekend was great... especially hanging with the Pauley's and the Reffett's which is always excellent.
  • I led Staff Meeting yesterday... unexpectantly.
  • I pounded out a small group lesson... that we didn't need because it's Spring Break.
  • I had a meeting with a lady about a potential mortgage... Jackie and I are thinking about buying/building a house this summer.
  • I spent the night last night working on an assignment for today... which I completed.
  • I had class today... which was good as usual.
  • I'm catching up on some blogging... always good.
I don't know if it's guilt... but I just felt the need to share what I've been up to over the last little bit. I think that I saw that my last post was Sunday morning and I felt like you might think I was mad at you. But I'm not. It's just been busy.


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