Thursday, March 06, 2008

CIY Believe this weekend!!!

I'm really excited.

This weekend we're (my wife and two other volunteers) are taking a group of middle schoolers to Believe in St. Charles, MO (outside of St. Louis). I'm really looking forward to this weekend for a couple of reasons.

First, it's always an incredible relational time with the students who go. Of course, in the youth ministry world, it's a trip. Trips are always great opportunities to build relationships. Times in the van... times eating... times hanging out... times having conversations that can't be planned out or scripted, but instead just happen.

Second, the Believe program is always incredible. I always find myself being challenged by the worship, the speakers and the videos. As a 30 year old... almost 31 year old... youth worker, I still need challenged and encouraged and the Believe program always delivers for me.

So... I hope to post some pictures of the weekend here. It should be a blast and a lot of fun. But, now I should get back to getting ready to be gone and not blogging...


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