Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday morning group...

This morning we had a great, great discussion about Boice's chapter 32 on "Temptation."

It was a small group... only 5 were here this morning... but it was a great conversation on temptation, the nature of temptation and more importantly, the nature of Jesus Christ. It was one of those days when as a Church History/Historical Theology major at LCS, I felt a little more equipped from my understanding of church history and the Bible, to have an intelligent part of the conversation (which is rare... usually the word intelligent doesn't appear in the same sentence with my name).

But it was a good discussion. In fact, we went over about 25 minutes this morning, which is rare in my experience.

It was NOT however a good morning getting up. Yesterday I was up early reading... and I still have some of that reading left (which I'm about to jump in on in a few). So, I was dragging quite a bit this morning when I got up. But I'm glad that I did. (And no Chris... it is NOT getting any easier!!!!)


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