Saturday, March 08, 2008

Suckiest part of my job...

So... I'm pretty much doing the suckiest part of my job tonight.

I love going on trips with students. There's just nothing like being on the road to have conversations and fun times that you can't have any other way. But one of my biggest concerns with taking students on the road is making sure that they stay where they are supposed to stay overnight.

Which pretty much means that most nights I find myself sitting in the hallway with my computer (blogging as I am tonight) and hoping to get to go to bed soon.

I hate this part. I wish I could go to bed and 'trust' them. But my wisdom says that I shouldn't. And obviously, there is no sure-fire solution (other than duct taping them to their beds... which I have considered in the past) to maintaining security, but they all have their drawbacks. And since this is the direction that our church is going, I find myself sitting in the hallway... blogging...




  1. Why did you take my comment off and not even respond. I tried to encourage you and show concern as a parent at the same time... Talk about ugh and sigh!!!

  2. You didn't comment on this post... you commented on the "Kurt Johnston" post and on "Back in the hall" post. I never delete a comment unless it is spam or offensive.