Monday, March 17, 2008

Logos finally goes Mac!!! YAY!!!

Ever since switching over to the Mac platform a year and a half ago, I have never regretted it. The only frustrating thing was that I couldn't have one program that I was beginning to get used to using on a regular basis... a program called "Logos" from Libronix.

Basically it is a library that you can install on your computer that features a searchable nature to allow you to cross-reference different aspects of Bible study. It's a pretty big deal down at Lincoln... Basically if you aren't using it or don't have it, you can't get around down at Lincoln... Which is fine. Expect they didn't have a Mac version.

Instead, they have been claiming for the last 2 years that they are "working" on a version for Mac. Every time I would check, they would say that it was coming out in the "next" quarter... then the "next quarter" would come and go and still... no Logos.

Today... I've been sick... and was doing some work at home (in between sniffles... sneezes... and cough drops) and I see an email saying the "Alpha" version is ready to go!!! I was pumped!!! I just got done downloading it and checking it out a bit.

At first glance, it looks pretty cool. The "Exegetical Guide" isn't available yet... but hopefully it will be soon. Looks like it will be cool. I would like to put it up against a regular Windows version on a computer that can actually keep up with a Mac (do those things really exist???) and see what is lacking and what isn't running just right. Since I don't use the program all that often... or at least I didn't before downloading it today... I'm not real sure how to put it through the paces to see what's there and what isn't. But I would be interested in trying that.

I wonder how long it will test before they release the full-blown version??? Hopefully not long.


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